Friday, July 29, 2011

Grilled Pepper Poppers

If you ever have a chance to grill, these are absolutely awesome! Filled with 3 cheeses (parmesan, fat free cream cheese and goat cheese) these jalapeno peppers will have you poppin!  Stuffed also with sage, scallions, chopped tomato and topped with fresh cilantro - perfect, easy appetizer to make on the grill!!! Each pepper popper is only 40 calories.

JAMBALAYA with Chicken & Turkey Sausage

Creole dish that's fun to scream!  This Jambalaya dish includes a mix of chicken, turkey sausage, onions, green bell pepper, celery, diced tomatoes and topped with scallions.  Only about 325 calories per serving.

Spicy Malaysian Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken

Known in Southeast Asia as Mee Goreng kicked up a notch with some sweet bean sauce and chile paste with garlic.  Throw in some baby bok choy and your choice of chicken or tofu and you have yourself a spicy meal!  This is the chile paste I used:

Moroccan Chicken Cutlets with Wheat Couscous

A combination of chicken chick peas, zucchini, and carrots with a side of wheat couscous. The vegetables are made as a stew in a chicken broth served over the chicken cutlets.