Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strip Steak with Ginger Butter Sauce and String Beans

Thanks to an awesome gift from Nancy Wanzer, I used my new Recipe Book to make the above meal.  The strip steak was seasoned with Chinese five-spice powder and black pepper and tasted really good. The ginger butter sauce was made with melted butter, grated fresh ginger and a little soy sauce.  I added string beans on the side as well.  I recommend boiling the ginger butter sauce for a minute or two and then letting it simmer until it thickens a bit.  All in all, I'd give this meal a 6 out of 10.  I'm not a huge steak fan but wanted to try it, plus as you've seen from my meals below, I'm down with the spices and this meal was a bit simpler...ENJOY!

This is the recipe book for anyone who's interested - seriously some of the best meals are in this book!

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